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My name is Jey Soliva
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My name is Trevor.
Trevor Van den Eijnden is a visual artist, writer and educator born and in Nova Scotia and currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received two simultaneous undergraduate degrees from two institutions in 2005—a Bachelor of Arts from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Fine Art from NSCAD University. In 2015 he completed a Masters of Applied Art (Visual Arts) from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Having a lifelong interest in education he is currently the Program Head for the Visual Arts Department at the Visual College of Art and Design Vancouver. He teaches courses in photography, conceptualization, history, and intermedia design.

My name is Robet.
Robert Dewey,Born in Montréal, a long-time citizen of Vancouver, Robert Dewey's multifaceted creative career spans design, film, video, performance arts, and digital media. A life-long woodworker, Robert learned his craft at the side of his father and grandfather.
Using time-honoured handcrafting techniques, combined with a modern design aesthetic, Robert creates 3-dimensional lighting designs that showcase the beauty of its materials, ranging from wood veneers to paper and synthetics.

My name is Emily.
Emily Jew is a sculptor who makes her home on the Sunshine Coast with her mother, and her father who came to Canada from China as a young boy. She has been sculpting with wire for nearly a decade, and in the last year has evolved to include stone and sound in her pieces. Her work is meant to evoke the spirit of penjing in the contrast of inorganic materials and organic shapes.All of her sculptures are such beautiful pieces with impeccable workmanship.